What is Botox? When it is used?

botox injection 1 Botox technique is an ideal treatment for early age signs that make us appear old and weary. Sometimes people think that we are angry or perhaps annoyed while we are not. Botox is one of the most widely used non-surgical cosmetic treatments that are popular in people from all demographics.

Botox has derived its name from Botulinum toxin that is injected in a Botox injection. It works by paralyzing our muscles. When a muscle is paralyzed, it cannot move so, cannot form wrinkles as well.

What are the uses of Botox technique?

Although, most of us know Botox as a treatment for wrinkles, it is much more than a mere wrinkle remover. There are some other uses of Botox that you might not know. It is frequently used for treating

· Excessive sweating

· Twitching of eyelids

· Muscle spasms

· Pain in patients of cerebral palsy

· Chronic migraine and arthritis pain

Are Botox and fillers same?

botox-technique Botox technique is entirely different from fillers. Although fillers are sometimes used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, they do not follow Botox mechanism. Fillers use soft-tissues and fill in wrinkles and can also stimulate skin tissues to make collagen. Collagen decreases skin laxity and as a result wrinkles disappear. While Botox uses a toxin and works by paralyzing muscles which form wrinkles.

Another difference between these two is that they treat slightly different types of wrinkles. Fillers are a popular choice for wrinkles that appear on forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet) and between the nose and lips (nasolabial lines). While Botox technique is often used to treat lines between the eyes (worry lines), crow’s feet, deep forehead wrinkles and neck lines.

What are the side effects of Botox?

Botox injections contain very small quantities of Botulinum toxin so, they are safe for cosmetic uses. Potential side effects of a Botox injection are

· Pain at the injection site

· Swelling

· Bruising

· Double vision

· Difficulty in swallowing and speaking

· Hard breathing

· Infection

· Allergic reaction

· Pain in back and neck

What to consider before having a Botox treatment?

Here are some important chunks that would help you if you want to have a Botox treatment.

· Have your treatment from a qualified and experienced dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Unqualified practitioners are not good choices for Botox administration.

· Most of the Botox side effects are associated with its spread to surrounding muscles. A carefully administered Botox do not spread and do not cause serious complications like difficulty in swallowing and speaking.

· Provide your medical history to your dermatologist and tell him/her if you are currently on medicines because some medicines can counteract with the injection.

· Frequent Botox sessions create antibodies in users that may alter the results in long run.

· You must not go for a Botox treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your infant.

Botox is much more than you might have thought about it. You can benefit from the treatment while bypassing its side effects easily if you select a right dermatologist for your treatment.

If you want to know about Botox technique feel free to drop us an email.


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